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Weekly eco friendly quick tips - Decor

When decorating your house in an ecofriendly way there are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Choose durable and renewable materials and find products that can either have multipurpose use or can be repurposed. The advantage of multipurpose décor items is that they will work in different areas of your home and when you want to redecorate one room, you can use them for a different function in a different room. For example, our Multipurpose Woven Stool with Lid is made from seagrass and can be used as a seat, coffee or side table with storage, hamper, or to hold your plants. You could use it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or office. Plus, water hyacinths and seagrass do not leave an excess negative impact due to harvesting and transportation. When compared to plastics, wicker baskets made of water hyacinth are far more ecologically sound.

2. Use plants, flowers, and leaves to bring new design elements to your home. Life plants are always a great addition to any home since they will help cleaning the air and bring nature into your home. However, when you want to decorate a wall with plants it can become tricky. You can install wall shelves to hold your plants, but this is a quite permanent addition to your home. If you prefer less damage to your walls, you can use Macramé plant hangers. They have the advantage that you only need to use one hook and you can find the perfect spot based on the light needs of your plants. If you want a quick wall décor you can also use bold dried leaves. Our Set of 5 Dried Natural Palm Leaves give you endless option to either decorate your wall with multiple leaves, just add them to a vase or use them as a bold addition to flower bouquets.

3. One of the easiest ways to change the atmosphere of a room is to add a pop of color with a throw or blanket. Check out our wide variety of different colors and everything from 100% Turkish long-staple cotton blanketsto handcrafted cotton blankets that are handcrafted in Turkey from 50% recycled cotton. Turkish cotton is known to be very soft and durable, since it is long-staple cotton. It has fewer joins, which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. The blankets are also thin enough to not use up a lot of space for storage dry quickly and can be used for everything from room decoration to picnic blanket or at the pool and beach.