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Beeswax Wraps

Ever wanted to wrap your food in an ecofriendly way and didn't know what product to use?

While there are many ecofriendly options out there to store foods, when it comes to wrapping cheese, sealing the cut side of bread, or wrapping your sandwich, the usual suspects come to mind.

We all try to eliminate the use of single use items like plastic, saran wraps and aluminum foil as much as possible. However, what alternative is there for wrapping food?

Meet the good old fashioned beeswax wrap. Made from cotton, dipped in wax it perfectly seals your food, while being biodegradable and reusable for a long time. Warm it up with your hands and press it over your food and let it cool. When you are done just wash it, let it air dry and store it in a cool place. Either buy on a roll and cut it yourself or get them precut.

Beeswax Wraps - ecofriendly way of wrapping your food